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Ecological Internet News Aggregation Services - Biocentric, Ecological Sustainability Newsfeeds via RSS, Twitter, Facebook and on the Web

Ecological Internet, Inc. (EI) offers the Internet's leading RSS, Twitter and Facebook environmental news feeds and micro-blogs, to allow other websites and information services to link to relevant news stories, commentary and links. News, blog and link feeds are provided free of charge for use by individuals and non-profit organizations for personal, non-commercial uses and in accordance with this site's disclaimer and conditions for use.

Ecological Internet RSS/XML Feeds

CLIMATE - Attribute "Climate Ark, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc."

· Climate Change Newsfeed:
· Renewable Energy Newsfeed:
· Biofuel Newsfeed:
· Climate Change Blog:
· Ban Nuclear Power and Bomb:
· Fracking Newsfeed:
· Tarsands Newsfeed:
· Coal Newsfeed:

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - Attribute "EcoEarth.Info, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc."

· EcoEarth.Info Environment Newsfeed:
· Sustainable Agriculture Newsfeed:
· Earth Blog:

FORESTS - Attribute ", a project of Ecological Internet, Inc."

· Forest Protection Newsfeed:
· Forest Protection Blog:

WATER - Attribute "Water Conserve, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc."

· Water Conservation Newsfeed:
· Water Blog:

RAINFORESTS - Attribute "Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc."

· Rainforest Newsfeed:
· Rainforest Issues:

ACTION ALERTS - Attribute "Ecological Internet, Inc."

· Earth Action Network Newsfeed:


Ecological Internet on Facebook

· Ecological Internet main facebook page - the very best reviewed ecological news stories w/ micro-blog commentary
· EI Eco Newsfeed - the full ecological news feed
· EI Climate Change
· EI Coal
· EI Forest
· EI Fracking
· EI Ocean
· EI Rainforest
· EI Sustainable Agriculture
· EI Sustainable Development
· EI Tar Sands
· EI Water

Ecological Internet on Twitter

Each account has a different topic focus and different variety of micro-blog and/or newsfeed items.

· @EcoInternet - Ecological Internet's main twitter page, the very best reviewed ecological stories w/ micro-blog commentary
· @EI_EcoNewsfeed - Biocentric Eco News, full biocentric ecological news feed
· @DrGlenBarry - Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet President, personal account
· @OldForests - Old Forest Wisdom
· @EI_Biofuel - Biofuel News
· @EI_CarbonTax - Carbon Tax News
· @EI_Climate - Climate Change News
· @EI_Coal - Coal News
· @EI_Fracking - Fracking News
· @EI_Forest - Forest News
· @EI_Geoengineer - Geoengineering News
· @EI_Indigenous - Indigenous Ecology
· @EI_Nuclear - Nuclear News
· @EI_Ocean - Ocean News
· @EI_Population - Over-Population News
· @EI_Protest - Political Ecology
· @EI_Rainforest - Rainforest News
· @EI_Renewable - Renewable News
· @EI_SustainAg - Sustainable Agriculture News
· @EI_SustainDev - Sustainable Development News
· @EI_TarSands - Tar Sands News
· @EI_Toxics - Toxics News
· @EI_Water - Water News
· @EI_Wildlife - Wildlife News

Use of the news feeds within for profit web sites requires a monthly licensing fee.  Ecological Internet provides customized news feeds for an additional fee. Such customized news feeds include items closely scoped to your organization's interests, allowing you to include highly topical, up-to-date and frequently updated environmental news in your web site. Contact us for price quotes.

We ask that RSS news feed users please cite Ecological Internet, Inc. and either the EcoEarth.Info, Climate Ark,, Water Conserve, Ocean Conserve or Rainforest Portal web site in connection with your use of the news feed.

A RSS feed is generally not read in a web browser like a web page. Rather a special piece of software called a "News Aggregator " is used, allowing multiple RSS feeds in an easy fashion. Aggregators are included in many newer web browsers and are available for download.

Please consider making a donation to support our news feeds, and contact us with questions and for further information. Ecological Internet reserves the right to require you to cease using and distributing these feeds at any time for any reason. Please let us know if you are using the RSS feed by contacting Ecological Internet.